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Silves / Algarve

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Zoo's nearby Silves.


  • Omega Park   Monchique    ± 29 km from Silves

  • Zoo Marine     Albufeira       ± 32 km from Silves

  • Zoo Lagos       Lagos             ± 39 km from Silves

The best beaches 

Do you know that some of the world's best and most beautiful beaches are to be found in the algarve near Silves?


There are so many lovely interesting sandy beaches nearby to enjoy your holiday.

These beaches vary from the small sheltered coves to broad endless stretches of sea washed sand.


The coast enjoys a climate with temperatures that vary from 15 degrees in winter through to 30 degrees in summer.


Situated only 15 kilometres from the coast with it's most beautiful beaches of Europe, lies nestling in the valley of the Arade river, the fairy-like town of Silves Portugal which is dominated by one of the largest and best preserved castles in southern Portugal, a constant reminder of almost 5 centuries of Moorish rule.

Today Silves is an unhurried and charming town that is far removed from the hectic pace of life found along the coastal region of the Algarve.


The town has a lot to offer to tourists and is highly recommended to visit while in the Algarve.

This inspiring setting of Silves Portugal is one of the most beautiful places to visit of the Algarve.


Silves is at the heart of one of Portugal's best citrus growing areas. It fascination for visitors is

                             historical. The two most visible

                             buildings, are the red

                             sandstone castle and the red

                             and white cathedral next to it,

                             they are reminders that in medieval times this was the most strongly fortified and most strenuously fought over place in the Algarve.


Silves, nowadays a small pittoresk village, has a great deal to offer, blending past and present to create it's own unique atmosphere. In the small streets you will find lots of fine restaurants, shops and bars.

The Magnificent surroundings, and the accompanying gentle pace of life combine to provide a memorable and truly remarkable holiday in the Algarve.



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For golf lovers

Just at 5 km from Silves, is the Pestana Silves Golf, set in a quite spot surrounded by palm trees and olive groves, with cork and citrus farms generating a true feeling of authentic Portuguese golf.


Casa do Largo

This beautiful authentic Portuguese house, situated nearby an old courtyard called "Jardim Martires da Patria",just outside the city ramparts, was built around 1890, and next to a small white church called "Igreja Nossa Senhora dos Martires".

Thick walls of clay, small windows and shutters ensured that it stayed cool during hot days inside the house.


In the summer of 2014, the house had been completely renovated by "Studio Arte Architecture & Design". The architects who transformed the house in a very modern holiday home, call it now the "Pearl of Silves".